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posted November 1, 2010

Neighborhood Watch Updates

Reports of crime in our area are increasing. Please remember to close your garage and lock your doors, especially the one between your home and attached garage. Also call the police if you see any unusual or suspicious active. We will be posting recent reports from local Neighborhood Watch groups as they be come available.
Citco Station Storage Barrels

Area Three Representative, Mike Morofsky, is following up on the barrels behind the Citco Gas Station on Mt. Hope and Pattengill. Mike contacted the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and was on Channel 6 highlighting the concerns of several neighbors who live nearby.

This is currently being investigated by the State and as details become available we will post them to this site.

Stolen Bike Found

The bike was located at a local pawn shop and with the help of Ken Corrigan and Mike Morofsky, the bike has been returned to its owner. The LPD is following up with the pawn shop.

30-Day Police Report as of 10/19/10

Two incidents of larceny reported - detectives have been assigned.

"Neighborhood Watch City-Wide Coordinator's Meeting, October 20, 2010"

This meeting included a panel from Lansing city services including: Bob Johnson from the mayor's office; Bruce Gaukel, 911 Call Center; Scott Sanford & Craig Whitford, Code Compliance; and Officer Brian Whitsitt , Police Department. Others present were Captain Ray Hall, Captain Mike Yankowski, and Neighborhood Watch Officers, Penni Elton and Theresa Mironiuk. Cards were on the tables for questions from the attendees to ask any speaker neighborhood related questions. Most questions were answered.

Questions included:

911 calls - They have access to the Code Compliance database and the non-emergency calls go through their call center. They also have a GPS unit to track the site a call is coming from.

Code Compliance - The "NEAT" team monitors and maintains tagged properties: Is there a limit for the number of dogs allowed on a property?: Four is the limit. Dept phone number:483-4361.

Police- Drug Unit - 483-4830. Please call if there is suspicion of drug use/selling in a house. Always call if you hear gunshots, even if you don't know where they are coming from. The LPD website shows the patrol division to find who your officer is and a phone number.

Office/Planning and Development - Go to the City of Lansing website, Coding & Planning Development to make an on-line complaint or call Yolanda Bennett for neighborhood issues.

Neighborhood Watch officers - Off. Elton: 483-7634; Off. Mironiuk: 483-6812
-- submitted by Barb Alspaugh, 1300-1400 Woodbine Ave. NW coordinator
-- posted Nov. 1, 2010

Need your help locating a bicycle that was stolen this week. According to Mike Morofsky, a Pearl Blue Ladies Raleigh bicycle was stolen between 8:30-9 a.m. from a backyard in the Gordon Avenue area. The flyer states that no questions will be asked if returned in good condition. Please call 485-7778 if you know anything about this incident.
--posted Sept. 27, 2010
Mike Morofsky reports that in August there was malicious destruction of a house window on Victor, an aggrevated assault on Mt. Hope and Marion, and a home on Woodbine, east of MLK, was broken into through a window.
posted Aug. 22, 2010
Hi neighbors,

Here on Woodbine we have had a disturbing incident. On Thursday evening/Friday morning around 1:30 a.m. a homemade bottle bomb was thrown under a truck parked in the street. It went off sounding like a gunshot which woke up the resident as well as alerted the neighbor across the street who heard it and saw a car drive off. He called the neighbor at 1400 Woodbine who called the police. The police were there in about two minutes because they were already in the neighborhood answering a call from across MLK where "gunshots" were reported to be heard. The police think these two incidents are related. It looks like it was a random incident. There was a lot of smoke, but not too much damage, but the potential for a lot of damage was certainty there.

Please be alert of call the police if you see or hear anything like a gunshot. And as the police have told us many times, turn your porch lights on and keep them on all night. This does discourage anyone up to wrong doing. Thanks for watching out for each other!

Barb Alspaugh
-- received Aug. 14, 2010
From the Lewton Rich Neighborhood Association and Dwight Rich Neighborhood Watch

News from Bedford Street …..four bikes have been stolen just recently; (all have been reported to the police)

Several neighbors on that block have seen the same suspicious looking teenager walking through our neighborhood in broad daylight, talking on his cell, and acting like he was “casing the block” and reporting what he saw to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

He’s so bold, he even walks up to an open garage, looks in, and then goes to the person’s back yard – talking on his cell all the while – again, appearing to be reporting what he sees to whoever is on the other end of the phone line.

The last bike that was stolen, he stole in front of one of the neighbors, who followed him to Drakes Party Store (corner of Holmes and Pleasant Grove Road) as the neighbor was calling police.

Here’s the description, as it was told to me:

Young man, teenager around 15-16 years old; African-American, very thin, around 5’10” tall, usually seen in black pants or black shorts; white tee-shirt and black baseball cap.

Please keep your eyes open and call 483-4600 if you see anything that looks unusual and/or out of the ordinary.

Please keep your bikes locked in your garage and out of sight. Please do not leave them on your front lawn, even for what you consider a short period of time. For years now, the police have warned neighbors to not make it easy for the bad guys to steal bikes.